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Asked a question last year

I will love to know about photography

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Photography is such a wide wide field that to talk about it in a few books will not do it justice.   The question I would love to ask you is what exactly do want to know about  photography 


Photography is all about capturing time.   It has been something that has fascinated me for a long time.  I have never believed it would be a main profession of mine, but I have been somewhat fascinated about it for a long time.    


We need to understand that every thing we see I because of light, light shapes the visible world, it is what gives us colors also.   Photography is just about capturing images with this light in mind.    We have selfie ring lights, make up lights, camera flash lights and stand alone strobes all of these help us create light that helps us create memorable images.   These lights could even be modified to create a mood 

Now that this is stated, cameras are controlled by three main dials. Your aperture, shutter speed and ISO.   ( you would take your time to read about these terms cause that’s where all the fun is.). 

All they do is control the intensity of light in relation to the type of image you want to achieve.  

The reason you want to know about photography is also important.  Do you want to go into it as a professional? This would determine the gear you’re gonna get and the process which you will employ to learn.  I’ve always told new photographers “start with your phones” phone cameras have come a long way in producing great images and you can learn basics like framing, composition and a fair bit of natural lighting. These are important steps for both professional and amateur photographers. 

Rail Crossing at Agege, Lagos Nigeria (IPhone 7) 
Rail Crossing at Agege, Lagos Nigeria (IPhone 7) 




Do you want to get into it for capturing beautiful moments? Capture nature and people on your travels? Wildlife? These questions go a long way to understanding what kind of gear you will get.   For example a bird watcher can’t convince it’ll take good pictures of  birds in the tree or at a good distance. 


Bird on a roof top silhouette Nikon D7000 70-300mm lens
Bird on a roof top silhouette Nikon D7000 70-300mm lens

These are just a very few examples of why you would want to go into photography.  There are numerous reason and new reasons keep coming up and if I continue I’m gonna end up writing a book.   

What do you aim to achieve from it? What do you want  hope to take pictures of?   I obviously can’t answer this for you.  But you need to research with the purpose of what you aim to achieve from photography.

To be honest, you have to read wide and vast in respect to the real reason you find photography fascinating.  It is like a huge galaxy out there. Don’t get lost in it and have fun while at it.