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Samuel Stephen
Asked a question last year

Our design agency messed up and we’re 4 weeks behind with shipping our new client onboarding view. Upper management is very upset and wants to release it ASAP on the old design. As a Product Manager what’s your course of action?

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Hello Samuel,

Release the OLD design if it covers the client's requirement no matter how ugly it is.

Being 4 weeks late with no NEW design ready is a significant failure on the Managers part and I think there is a crack in your communication line with the Upper management and the client.

The client should've been notified 5 weeks ago that you need an extension to deliver the BEST design and the management should have put pressure on you to deliver within the agreed time frame.

Set delivery dates that are realistic and strive to achieve them and ALWAYS keep your client abreast of the development, that ensures trust is kept.

#Peace ✌

Product backlog has 97 items. What are the best ways to prioritize tasks for the next sprint?

  • Ask the customer success team for input
  • 97 items in a backlog is way too much. Get rid of everything and start from scratch
  • Randomly pick some tasks
  • Implement Backlog Grooming methods
  • Set up a Sprint Planning event
  • Do a Planning Poker
  • Set up a Kanban Board to quickly visualize the future roadmap
  • Factor in some code refactoring tasks

@Ibrahim Nasir368 here's another one I saw


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