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Asked a question 2 years ago

What is tech all about?

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This is just my own personal definition: Information Technology is the industry that relates to the management of data, communications / connectivity, and the technology infrastructure that supports it.

So, the big areas of IT infrastructure are computing power (servers and clients), storage, networking switches / routers, and of course the Internet backbone.

Other aspects of IT include but are not limited to Internet security, cloud computing, cloud services, Big Data, BYOD, backup and recovery, wireless networking, etc... but these are subsets of the original definition in the first paragraph.


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Hi Michael. Simply put the application of human knowledge or science to invent useful tools, develop products, systems, processes and solve problems in our societies. Internet, Washing Machines and Computers are an example.

Today, we use technology in almost every aspect of our lives, to communicate, learn, do business, at work, and so much more. As Anil Dash73 puts it, Tech is more important than ever, deeply affecting our culture, politics and society.

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