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Mary Job
Mary Job HdyTech
Community Manager

Mary is a Product Manager at How Do You Tech, an organisation curating useful, distraction free and timely answers to challenges in Tech for Africans. Mary believes we have a lot to learn from each others' stories and she encourages everyone she meets to run a personal blog. She spends her time teaching digital skills for free to women, girls, young and old people in underserved communities and through her Hub. Mary spends half of her time equally volunteering for the WordPress and Tech4Good communities in Nigeria & other African countries.

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Hi Stephen, I am curious, is this a riddle or a tech question? If it is a tech question, what category would it fall under?


Hi Michael. Simply put the application of human knowledge or science to invent useful tools, develop products, systems, processes and solve problems in our societies. Internet, Washing Machines and Computers are an example.

Today, we use technology in almost every... (More)

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